To create a new website on Yelko, login to your account

  1. Click on  'Create a New Website' button. You can also find this under Websites Menu available on the left sidebar.
  2. Select any one template (theme) you like or scroll down for more available templates and click" Use this theme". 

  3. In the third step, you are required to select the domain name option for your website. Free sub-domain name under Yelko for free website plan and custom domain name for paid website plan. Click first option to continue with free plan. To connect with your own domain name or to continue with second option click here to purchase any plan Type your desired domain name and click continue ( the process is same for all purchased plans)
  4. Now select the purpose of your website - Personal and general purpose or website with e-commerce features and click next. 
  5. Enter website title, tagline and contact information. Email here will be used to send enquiries from your contact us page.
  6. Select the pages you want to add to your website. It can also be done from Menu option on your dashboard later.
  7. Click yes if you need Blog option on your website or click no if you do not need and click next.
  8. Your website setup is complete. You can now preview or edit your website by clicking following buttons.